E-Suction Ear Wax Removal

E-Suction Ear Wax Removal

There are three main therapeutic techniques for wax removal are irrigation, endoscopic removal and microsuction.

Our technique is E-Suction, a special Endoscopic wax removal system, described as the safest technique, requires more skill and is also the most accurate due to the type of optical system being used.

Ear wax is produced due to glands in the ear and some individuals can incur a build-up of wax more significant than others.

Removing ear wax is a delicate procedure and requires special training with the adapted technic.

Self-irrigation is strongly discouraged as it could produce infection and would not remove impacted wax. Ear Candling is dangerous. Otolaryngologists (ENT’s) in the United Kingdom reported ear injuries from ear candling including; burns, ear canal occlusions and ear drum perforations and secondary ear canal infections with temporary hearing loss.
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Nicolas Auffret RHAD MSHAA 
Member of BSHAA and HCPC 00046

Nicolas Auffret, Audiologist and Director of care is an accomplished Audiologist with over a decade of strong and diverse experience in audiology. Nicolas’ early clinical days were practiced in a very reputable Harley street clinic where he maintained close working relationship with local ENTs. Later he joined one of the leading hearing aid manufacturer as the head of Audiology in France then on to the global head office in Canada where he provided product training globally. The role also included research and product development; conducting the clinical research to match the technology to cultural auditory needs.

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Nicolas Auffret from Wakefield Osteopaths

Ear wax removal using E-Suction, a special Endoscopic wax removal system

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