Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage in Wakefield

How can remedial massage help?

Many people today suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain causing problems within the body. This may be as a result of physical injury, bad posture or tension, causing muscles to hold in a contracted state for long periods of time.
Remedial massage is very effective in dealing with muscular problems, loss of muscle tone, adhesions and removing physical tension in the body.
Advanced massage techniques help to speed up circulation and eliminate toxins which cause pain and stiffness. Massage therapy is wonderfully soothing for the nervous system, it works as an aid to combat stress in our everyday lives. 
remedial massage
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Your Therapist:
Claire Taylor ITEC

Member of The International Therapy Examination Council 

Claire has worked as a massage therapist for over 18 years. She gained her extensive experience in the musculoskeletal field working alongside a physiotherapist in a sports and injury clinic. She is also trained in Indian head and facial massage. Claire finds it very rewarding to be able to help people who are in pain or suffering from stress and anxiety. 

Patients visit Claire for many reasons including muscular injuries and pains, maintenance massages to help prevent the reoccurrence of tense, stiff muscles, or to relax, unwind and relieve stress.

Your Therapist:
Steve Nuthall LCSP

Member of The London & Counties Society Physiologists.

As a remedial massage therapist for the past 14 years, Stephen is convinced daily of the power of massage to counteract muscular and skeletal problems throughout the body. His work emphasises deep tissue massage, aided by mobilisation and muscle energy techniques in order to relax tight muscles.

Treatments are tailored to suit the needs of the individual in the areas of neck and shoulders, back, hips, arms, hands, legs, ankles and feet. Recently he has been concentrating on even deeper massage using, where appropriate, the soft part of his forearm to achieve even greater muscle relaxation. Patients come to see him regularly if they have chronic problems, whilst others who have recovered from an injury visit less regularly but wish to maintain their improvement and develop greater body flexibility.

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