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Great friendly people - very professional in their work. I get treatment from Josh every once a month and I was soon back on my feet again. Ranza is also great, she helped me with plenty of advice and exercises well recommended osteopath’s 😁😁😁

David Hine

I’ve been seeing Maziar for various ailments on and off for a few years now and think he’s wonderful.
He is very personable, has a great sense of humour, makes me feel comfortable which is important for a woman seeing a male osteopath and is brilliant at his job. He never fails to fix my ailments...the odd time I’ve had a couple of niggles which I’ve not mentioned to him he still finds them and fixes them.
Highly recommended and the best osteopath there is - I drive from Selby to see him.


I have been a patient of Caroline’s for some months. she is very professional and yet friendly. I have had a number of osteopaths over the years in various towns and she is amongst the best. Caroline knows how to quickly gain all the information she needs so that she can spend the consultation working on the body rather than filling in forms. She is so knowledgeable and advises when the GP is needed.  
Her treatments are fabulous and I feel good when I leave the Clinic. I can only recommend Caroline without any reservations. My pain is greatly reduced and my quality of Life much improved.
The whole Practice is friendly and warm, and you feel welcomed straight away.

Linda Ellis Pearson

I have been a patient since about 1993 seeing an Osteopath, generally every 6 weeks. You enter bright and cheerful surroundings and receive a very warm welcome from the receptionist on duty (In my case Joanne). I have always received top class professional care from my Osteopath Andrew and all the staff are very friendly and will always be prepared to have a chat even though they could be very busy and under pressure.  
I have no hesitation in recommending Wakefield Osteopaths to anyone who has back problems. They get 10/10 from me!

Alan Hewes

I have been a patient at Wakefield Osteopaths for over two years now. My regular Osteopath is Ranza Barr who uses a range of approaches, including Visceral Osteopathy, which means she can help with a range of internal conditions. I have suffered with a hiatus hernia for a number of years. It seemed to manifest itself after surgery and made my life a misery until I found out about Visceral Osteopathy and Ranza. I was looking for treatment which does not involve invasive surgery, and Ranza's treatment goes a long way towards mitigating the symptoms I suffer from. I used to get terrible acid reflux, attacks of bloating and chest pains which my GPs tell me feels like an angina attack (I do not suffer from angina). I was on quite large doses of drugs which inhibit the ability of the stomach to produce acid. The purpose of these drugs is to lessen the severity of, or rule out, attacks of acid reflux, unfortunately, these drugs come with a host of unwanted side effects. Now, thanks to Ranza's treatment and advice, I have been able to cut my intake of these drugs right down. I use them more or less as a standby these days.

Ranza has also put me on a program of exercise to strengthen my core muscles and improve my diaphragm, which lessens the discomfort of my hiatus hernia. I also have mobility issues, and as Ranza is a highly qualified practitioner of Traditional Osteopathy, she also helps me with musculo-skeletal issues. Ranza is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Osteopath who has helped me greatly.
The ladies on the reception are very friendly and helpful, and will go out of their way to help you, for instance if you cannot get an appointment on your chosen day, they will phone you and let you know if a cancellation comes up. I would not hesitate to recommend Wakefield Osteopaths to any potential patient.

David Hughes

These were recommended to me nearly 29 years ago. They have been utterly amazing. Highly recommended this practice.

Marc Stokes-Denson

I have been coming here for years to see Mark and always recommend Wakefield Osteopaths to anyone with problems. Everyone is friendly and professional and will go over and above to try and get to the root of the problem. Very highly recommended - give them a try!
Lesley Hirst N

Before I went to see Ranza at the beginning of October, I had been suffering with 8 months of terrible ongoing rib pain. I had been back-and-forth to my GP on numerous occasions - I underwent various tests & scans, and was given medication and pain relief with no benefit.
Going to see Ranza was my only hope. I had never seen an Osteopath before hence I was quite sceptical, but I needed help. My symptoms were getting me down and causing terrible anxiety. My mental health was suffering because I feared that the medical professionals had missed something serious.
I went to see Ranza and she quickly diagnosed the problem after just talking with me for a short period of time, taking notes and conducting a physical examination. She explained the problem to me in great depth and reassured me she would help me. And she amazed me, she certainly did that. Two sessions later I am pain-free after months of agonising pain. Just two sessions and I was cured. 
My issues with my ribs was due to my diaphragm not working correctly. I was only breathing in my chest area due to being anxious all the time. Ranza taught me a very specific breathing exercise and spent time working on my rib cage. I religiously did my breathing excercises at home and after just one to two days my pain was easing.
I am so so thankful for Ranza's help. She is an amazing lady and is highly skilled in what she does. She made me feel very comfortable and offered amazing support (I emailed her on a few occasions and she got straight back to me.)
I've suffered month's of agonising pain, if only I would have seen Ranza when my symptoms first presented. I would not have suffered as long as I did. The good news is I made the decision to go to the clinic and see Ranza in the end, and thank goodness I did - she has really made me enjoy life again.
I will continue to go to the clinic to have treatment from a remedial massage therapist (as advised by Ranza) for tension in my neck and shoulders.
Thank you Ranza you are an amazing lady. You have changed my quality of life.
I would highly recommend this service.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mrs Corina March

I have been coming to this amazing practice since 1991! I have used many of the services offered within their doors. Everyone is happy, personable, jolly, supportive, helpful ...I could go on, but I think you should all try them for yourselves!
Pam Nicholls

I cannot thank Andrew enough for the pain relief that he has given me if you have pain why suffer it go and try this excellent practice very relaxed and friendly
Jose Phillips

Cannot thank Matt enough for sorting out my back.... after 18 months of constant pain and relying on painkillers, after two sessions I am now on less than half the dose of painkillers. Cannot recommend this place enough...finally feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel... Thank you
Andrea Wilshire

I have been coming to Wilcox osteopath now for quite a few years over this time I been treated with various osteopaths and Claire when I need a massage. I suffer with muscle pain all-over my body. Pain killers help but never actually take the pain away. I have a lot to thank the team for at Wilcox they take the pain away.
Terry Brown

I cannot recommend Josh enough. 
I've been suffering with shoulder and neck pain since March. I went to him as a last resort as the pain was stopping me sleeping and everything I'd tried hadn't worked. After a few treatments the difference is unbelievable, I have little to no pain. That coupled with the fact Josh is friendly, professional and actually cares about helping, is why I give 5*

Hazel Millar

I brought my 9-year-old son to see Ranza as he has suffered from migraines for about 3 years and his medication was no longer controlling them. When we first saw Ranza a couple of months ago, he was getting 2 or 3 migraines a week. We saw her weekly for 3 sessions, then dropped to every 10 days. Now going to try going for a month. We are currently on day 25 without a migraine and it is amazing. My son was very reluctant to come initially, but Ranza was so patient and lovely with him. We now call her 'Magic Ranza' and I can't recommend her enough.

Corrine Hunter

Brilliant service provided by Matt Derbyshire. Thank you for helping me when I was in shear agony. Recommended you to family, friends and colleagues. Thank you.

Claire Bear
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